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On Melancholy

tonight i feelso empty,

like i’m floating in deep, still water…

i’ve already given up hope, 

and fear of bein’ alone, or

atleast i don’t think about it anymore.

it’s been a year since 

the man i loved left me, 

and took away everything

i cared for and believed in.

yes, it’s been a great struggle…

and i guess I’ve failed myself.

for tonight i walk this earth 

as a mere instrument of man.

a flesh without a soul,

and a woman of uncertain value.

it’s not that i’m not over him,

it’s not that i’m still in love.

it’s just that i couldn’t figure 

if i still deserve to be loved….

Moving On…

1. Forgive

Sometimes you just have to learn to forgive yourself and the people that may have done you wrong. To err is human. It’s normal. You have a lifetime to get back what you’ve lost or get something better. Hilding the grudge just rots you inside. 

2. Accept

Accepting the fact that you’ve lost control over a situation doesn’t make you a loser or even less of a person. You’re still you, only stronger and better. 

3. Self Respect

It’s an obligation to one self. As you acquire self respect, self worth follows —two basic things you need so you won’t have to spend the rest of your life as the second best or less. 


via lolsofunny=)


via lolsofunny=)

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priceless… LOL

priceless… LOL

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